Best Drives Around Brewster, NY

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There are few things better than the simple joy of taking a scenic drive on a peaceful day. Going for a scenic drive is a great way to unwind after a busy week, spend time with loved ones, and admire the natural beauty of the environment. There are many areas to drive around Brewster that not only offer breathtaking views but can help you discover your new favorite spots to visit with friends and family. If you’re looking to take a spin around your local area, here are some of the best scenic drives around Brewster, New York.

5 Best Scenic Drives Around Brewster, New York

Lyndhurst Mansion via Route 287

This trip is 24 miles one-way and takes you through the Bronx to Tarrytown. On this drive, you can expect to enjoy lush landscapes filled with greenery and picturesque views of the city skyline. Just before entering Tarrytown, the route takes you along the waterfront of the Hudson to the Tappan Zee Bridge. Traveling along this route lands you at the Lyndhurst mansion, a gothic-style building constructed in 1838. Visitors can tour the mansion to learn about its history and former owners, including railroad developer Jay Gould, former New York mayor William Paulding, and merchant George Merritt.

 Visiting the mansion also grants you access to its gardens, greenhouse, and walking trails along the Hudson. This can be a wonderful place to spend a long afternoon exploring the gorgeous scenery while learning about some of New York’s most important historical residents. Drivers can explore this route from Saturday to Sunday at any time between 10 a.m. and five p.m. The cost of admissions for adults is $12, while seniors get in for $11, tickets for children between the ages of six and 12 cost $5, and children under six can get in for free.

Salinger’s Orchard via Route 22

The trip to Salinger’s Orchard from Route 22 is about 54-miles long through miles of apple trees and other lush foliage. Along the way, you’ll cross bridges over crystal streams and can make a pit stop at the orchard itself. Here, you can purchase a wide range of freshly made treats, including baked goods like apple pies, frozen pastries to take home and bake, and fruit preserves to savor your trip even after returning home. You can also enjoy seasonal apple picking at the orchard or travel north to visit the beehive observatory.

The orchard is free to visit and has other seasonal offerings, like specialty pies for your Thanksgiving table and fresh-cut Christmas trees for the holidays. With so many seasonal attractions, Salinger’s Orchard is a joy to visit at any time of the year. Take your kids to pick apples, strawberries, and pumpkins, or purchase a pie for a picnic with a loved one. The orchard is family-owned and operated, meaning visitors support local business owners. Even if you choose to skip the orchard, the breathtaking views along the route make this trip perfect for an afternoon adventure.

Palisades Parkway to Bear Mountain State Park

If you’re looking for an escape into the natural beauty of New York State, you might enjoy the trip from the Palisades Parkway to Bear Mountain State Park. This drive spans a distance of 46 miles, and visitors can enjoy the park between 8 a.m. and sunset. Entering the park costs $8 per car, so pile your friends and family into your vehicle for a memorable trip through the park’s scenic landscapes. The drive to the park showcases trees with rich foliage, sparkling waterfront views, and the beauty of the Manhattan skyline.

If you choose to enter the park, there are lots of activities to enjoy with your whole family. Set among the mountains, you can hike on nature trails and dine in picnic areas, then take a river fishing tour or rent your own boat. There’s also a merry-go-round, swimming pool, large playing field, and even a zoo. Afterward, you might learn about the local wildlife, relax in nature, or enjoy physical challenges like hiking or rock climbing. If you enjoy outdoor adventure and nature-based learning opportunities, consider traveling the Palisades Parkway to Bear Mountain.

City Island via Route 95

If you enjoy waterfront views and traveling along the shoreline, a trip to City Island can be a great way to spend a day. Traveling along Route 95 takes you 19 miles along the Hudson, across the George Washington Bridge, and into the fishing village at City Island. You’ll enjoy exquisite views of the Long Island Sound with boats and fishing vessels gliding across the water. Besides offering charming waterside views, City Island has several attractions to visit.

For example, you can visit the City Island Nautical Museum to learn about maritime artifacts and antiques. The museum charges a $5 admission fee and is open on Saturdays, Sundays, or by appointment. If you’ve developed an appetite from your drive, enjoy a meal at one of the many local seafood restaurants to indulge in the city’s local specialty: lobster. You can also rent a boat or take a fishing tour to spend the afternoon out on the water.

Village of Sleepy Hollow via Route 9

Taking a drive through the village of Sleepy Hollow offers many attractions alongside beautiful scenery. Riding through the village in the spring grants views of budding wildflowers and green trees, while autumn brings lush orange and yellow foliage. You can also enjoy the architectural diversity of the area as you travel through neighborhoods with bright, cottage-style houses and more modern high-rises. Visit Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to view the graves of historic figures like Andrew Carnegie and Washington Irving.

On certain days, the village hosts events like farmer’s markets and street fairs. You can also take haunted hayrides and take part in guided tours through the cemetery. Depending on the option you choose, guided tours typically cost between $9.99 and $24.99, but you can also drive through the locations yourself at no cost. Touring the Village of Sleepy Hollow can be a fun way to indulge in the local legend of the Headless Horseman, learn some history, and do some shopping at a local street vendor.

These are just a few of our favorite drives around Brewster, New York. Do you have a favorite route we missed? Contact us at Meadowland GMC or call us at 877-671-6845 and we’ll add it to our list.

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