What Features Contribute to a Great Driving Experience?

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Every driver is different, but most people can agree on some key features that make it fun to drive. Whether you enjoy hitting the accelerator hard, taking your SUV off the beaten track, or cruising comfortably on the highway, you want to feel good when you’re sitting behind the wheel. GMC’s lineup provides you with a great selection of SUVs and trucks that can do all of these things and more. Here are some of the things to look out for when you’re searching for a car that’s fun to drive.

A Powerful Engine

This is one of the most prominent points to note, but you’ll want an engine with enough power to provide peppy acceleration. Cars with underpowered engines generally aren’t that fun to drive because you have to wait a long time to get up to speed after you hit the throttle.

It’s not just as simple as looking at the engine’s horsepower. Of course, indeed, a V-6 with 300 horsepower will typically produce better acceleration than a four-cylinder with 200 horsepower. However, an engine’s power can also be impacted by the size of the vehicle. Some 200-horsepower engines can propel compact sports cars to a rapid pace in a few seconds, while a 300-horsepower unit may only manage to shift a large SUV up to highway speed at a relatively moderate tempo.

Responsive Handling

Most drivers like to feel in control of the steering wheel on the road. As such, drivers appreciate a vehicle with a steering system that responds promptly to a driver’s actions. A vehicle that turns without delay when you turn the wheel left or right will be easier to maneuver around tight corners or handle nimbly when you’re driving in heavy traffic.

The steering can also provide the driver with important information about how the car’s tires are gripping the road and the surface conditions. This can be especially important to make a car easier to drive in difficult situations. The vibrations picked up by the driver through the steering wheel can let them know if it’s safe to hit the gas or if they need to drive more carefully to avoid slippage or other problems.

Steering is also affected by a car’s suspension and chassis. In general, a car with a softer suspension will take corners less nimbly and experience more body roll. On the other hand, if a vehicle’s suspension is too hard, it can make for an uncomfortable ride.

Similarly, the chassis can contribute to a vehicle rolling because it may bend when you take a corner. Strengthening the chassis with braces can prevent this, but it may also have the effect of making your car heavier. That, in turn, can make it less fun to drive. The best manufacturers manage to strike the perfect balance between keeping the chassis strong but light.

Smooth Gear Shifting

Accelerating swiftly isn’t just about raw power. It would help if you also could shift smoothly through the gears so that you pick up speed steadily. Automatic transmissions aim to accomplish this by deciding when to change gear away from the driver. This can lead to more refined gear changing.

However, some drivers find automatic transmissions to be inflexible and too slow. They prefer vehicles with a manual transmission, which gives the driver more control over how and when to shift gears. This control can give a driver the feel that they have a greater command over how the vehicle performs, another key factor in creating an enjoyable driving experience.

Great Off-Roading Chops

Many things that make a car fun to drive are very subjective. They can vary between drivers depending on what they prioritize in a vehicle. For people who like taking their truck or SUV off the beaten track or for a weekend trip away from the city, their idea of a fun drive would be a vehicle that can cope with trails and obstacles.

Off-roading prowess isn’t just about having a powerful engine to tackle slopes. It also demands a rugged suspension, low gears so you can drive confidently at a slow pace, and a four-wheel-drive for better traction and control. Off-roading vehicles also typically feature a high ground clearance so that rocks and other obstacles won’t get in the way.

An Upscale Cabin

Even if you have a car with perfect acceleration and responsive handling, an uncomfortable driver’s seat or cramped cabin can take away the fun of driving it. Having a supportive driver’s seat is a crucial part of any car that’s fun to drive. That’s because when a driver feels stable in their seat, they can focus all their attention on the road ahead and don’t have to worry about losing their balance.

A good car should also provide clear visibility so that you feel confident about responding to what’s going on around you. Many drivers prefer an elevated position, which is the case in many SUVs so that they have a commanding view of the road up ahead. However, if your main priority is speed, you may prefer a position closer to the ground to improve your acceleration.

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